Thursday, August 24, 2006

Teaching Online - SKYPE

Teaching Online


Online Teaching: Some obstacles
Time availability, pay, numbers of visits vs service requests, payment system, computer problems

Definition, comparison with face-to-face teaching, pros & cons, tips.

Pedagogy for online instructors, pros & cons

Advice & Resources

What changes online? The process of communication

Using Skype in the Classroom: Conference Call, Skypacast

Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom:: Skype in the foreign languages classroom - Any problems?

Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom:: Skype: Teaching Tool vs Network Nemesis?

Skype or Blogger?

Sites offering lessons with Skype

Private teacher online

Sites connecting teachers and students online

Online Payment

Monday, August 14, 2006

Blogging for Teachers

How to Create a Teacher’s Webpage or Blog

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question!

A presentation handout, see the presentation slides here:

First things first: Get familiarised with what it takes to make a webpage. Perhaps you want to do something simple, perhaps you need inspiration or ideas to get started.

These links will show you possible reading pathways to slowly give shape to your ideas.

See the forest
Here is the widest picture: Just take a look at the hyperlinked outline presented in this site will give you hints about what you are about to do.

Web Style Guide 2nd edition Includes planning, process, design, writing style and multimedia aspects of your webpage.

Internet Galaxy or Blogosphere: Webpages vs Blogs

What types of blogs are there?

Learn the jargon: a glossary of blargon

Basic terms:


How to write in a blog post

How to make your blog a success
General tips for/from bloggers about content improvement, style, layout, traffic and Adsense.

Companies and products latest reviews of Web 2.0 world

Tech savvy: technical aspects of blogging
Syntax: HTML Basics

Make your blog attractive looking

Narrowing the picture: Focus on the tree

Educational Blogs
Pioneers: Weblogs at Harvard$6

Educational Blogs database

Dmoz Directory

What are Teachers of English blogging about?

Basically three types:

- the personal experience blog: expatriates, working abroad

- the teaching blog

- CALL (using technology to support lessons) blog

List of Blogs, a blogroll

What’s next?

Trends ideas: the ipod generation

-You Tube

-i Tunes

-My Space

Towards online literacy:


RSS readers are provided through sites such as Bloglines, Feedster, NewsGator, or My Yahoo! Blogs.

BBC tutorial:

How to skim and scan the Net

Article: How to Speed-Read the Net

Social Bookmarking: a community of web-literate readers

Finding and Assessing Web Content

Reading habits

Constructing a reading pathway (my blog!)

As many online texts as readers: the hyperlink choice

Definitions of literacy from google



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