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Wiki DRP

Wiki DRP 
(Disaster Recovery Plan)

This is the wiki for the subject Materials Design at CAECE University created in 2007. Ana María is using the wiki again this year, but with a few changes. With surprise, I read the email notification of the latest changes. All the profile pages of the students of last year have been deleted. Those pages were full of trials and encouragement comments to those playing with the wiki tool for the first time. I understand my tutor deleted it because it definitely did not add value to the project. 

However, I must say I felt kind of sad to see my homepage deleted there. I remember a rich mini exchange with my teacher I wanted to save. So I immediately proceeded to the DRP action. I rescued the following from my RSS subscription.

Claudia Ceraso - Student Profile

After a year of using online tools to enhance my teaching, I admit I do not need much talking into it. I probably cannot go back to considering the web a place to read only. It is a read/write web -just like this wiki- where every page you see is liable to change.

My attitude in front of a screen has changed. I figure our students will face a future of information and communications change for which we cannot fully prepare them. Yet, we can give them tools and a glimpse of the digital literacies they will need for lifelong learning.

Technology Integration
Ana María asks 'Are these tools useful?'. I venture to say they can, as long as they are used with a clear direction. A learning objective. A teacher's need to fully control the outcomes of the activities misses the point. Teachers must be willing to learn together with their students.
My FCE class is the population of students in need of tailor made materials. Course books do not cater for the blend of needs of these students.

 So needs were partly addressed.
 last summer I designed a wiki to create a portfolio for all our written production. It is meant to organise homework and it will be also used in class. The activities I design in this course will be used there.
I must say I felt so glad last January when I found Ana María had joined B4B workshop because by then, my steps towards integrating these tools to my teaching had started triggering off potential research questions.
I expect this Materials Design II course to help

But this is a profile page; not an essay!
I will be including here some links to my work:
The blog I created for my students:

The students' Corpus wiki
ELT Notes
and my teacher's blog, where I keep my reflections, useful links, etc. Sometimes, people comment!

April 4 2007

Ana María Rozzi de Bergel commented on Claudia Ceraso - Student Profile

Dear Claudia, 

I hope we can all learn together to find the correct use for these technological tools. We must start off by analysing our students' needs. It is not a question of enjoying "the new toys".

April 14 2007

Claudia Ceraso commented on Claudia Ceraso - Student Profile

Ana María, 
I wonder whether the expression "correct use" will apply to tools that came into existence to cater for needs that were not educational. That's a challenge for us. 
If we can find together at least one instance of appropriate use of these tools to meet our EFL students needs, we will certainly have achieved a lot in a semester. 

Look forward to it.

April 15 2007

Pablo Cinalli commented on Claudia Ceraso - Student Profile

Hello, Clau!! Well I think I have made something wrong because I have my page but I cannot edit, I will go on searching and trying with blogs.........Your comments are always interesting!! No doubts...We go on in contact. 

April 17 2007

Angie commented on Claudia Ceraso - Student Profile

Dear people, I'm really amazed! I am not good at this type of technological tools, but I promise to do my best to keep up pace with you and enjoy this motivating challenge of learning.

April 18 2007

Ana María Rozzi de Bergel commented on Claudia Ceraso - Student Profile

No matter how technologically advanced these tools are, the important thing is that we use them a)if necessary; b) coherently.

April 21 2007

ivana commented on Claudia Ceraso - Student Profile

I would like to use this new technological tool with my students!

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