Friday, December 31, 2010

Bookmarking Mirrors (pun intented)

In the last four years, I certainly haven't been able to blog about the wide range of my interests or the full spectrum of my curiosity.

However, once upon a time, there was a site called where bookmarks mirrored day by day the wonderings of my readings and my mind. Only closely followed by my RSS and Twitter starring habits.

A quick look at the figures of my account at shows that I've aggregated,
-4080 bookmarks since 19th August 2006.
-480 people in my network which make up a wonderful daily customized 'newspaper' view with a total database of 1,035,054 searchable links.

Not bad.

It only gets better when I look at myself in the mirror of delicious. Here is a picture taken 2 years and 6 months ago. Here is the view of my tag cloud today.

Why does this matter? Gardner puts a voice to what I mean:

"I had an epiphany last week when discussing project ideas with the class: if you’re not sure what you really want to do for a final project, just read your blog posts to date. There’s probably a pattern of interest there. Look at the traces of your own engagement! Enjoy the strengths and predilections of your mind at play in the fields of study. Turns out that the photo project was right there all along, hiding in plain sight."

It's that simple.Come to think of it, those delicious tag clouds make a great "About me", profile or bio post. Much better than any picture of my face I haven't yet published. Definitely far, far better thanthis.

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