Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Turn of the Daily Photo Carrousel

I am back at it. I started a daily photo project for 2016/366. Checking out my albums in Flickr, I found that I have never been able to complete the daily yearly album. That is challenging. Can I succeed this year?

I take or blink photos very often. It is something that I started doing in 2010 with the stimulus of the dailyshoot (snif, I miss that) as well as the photographers who commented my photos and published their own, they still do, on their blogs.

I found that I needed to find a new internal challenge this time. I was never pleased with shooting with my Samsung phone, so I decided to explore that as a way of getting out of my comfort zone. That is one push for me. Another thing I had always refused to do is to touch my photos with post editing, except for cropping, which is part of composing for me. So now I am making it a point of altering my photos, at times, beyond recognition. I try to see the image as an inspiration to draw and my photo as a model in the making.

A good old photo is still my love, though. It took me quite a few days to obtain a decent shot at these White Petals. The photo is not postprocessed and although it is not perfect, it satisfies me.

So far, I have completed my first month of daily shooting. I know that once my holidays are over and I get back to the teaching and studying routines, it is going to be harder to keep it up. What keeps me going now is trying to learn to see things differently, very differently. So I guess that when photo subjects seem scarce or I cannot find myself in the zone for inspiration, it is not about the objects around me being too familiar, it is about shifting the way I see them.

That seems to be all the prompting I need, at least for now.

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