Sunday, November 28, 2010

A reply to Rabiz Raisdana

Rabiz Raisdana has published the result of a collaborative project to create video. My story of how I got to know about this and why I participated is detailed in Addendus, my blog in Spanish.

Here is the comment I wrote to Rabiz in his blog (awaiting moderation):

Thank you for this, Rabiz.

Pleasantly surprised and speechless at first, I was able to articulate some words in my blog in Spanish about all this (linked to my name).

In a nutshell, I explain there how I've been following your posts lately and why I participated. I ventured to translate a paragraph from this post that, in my opinion, summarizes why I feel I sync with your idea of learning.

I often used to ask myself how could these things be translated into classroom practice. Certainly a valid question. However, I've decided to put off thinking about it. I've found that it often leads to closing a learning cycle too quickly with practical imperatives. I couldn't let such a question deviate me from experimenting anyway. Perhaps it is someone else who can help me see how that is to be done.

For all I know, I could very well be losing some of my time. But important changes do not come in isolation. They tend to be a part of a continuum. So I keep at it. Who knows when I will create a successful classroom practice with my playing today? What will it look like? Definitely it will be some mix of this with new and unknown contributions from students or network.

Probably I will not even be teaching them. We'll be learning together seems more like it.

Dry, by fceblog

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Picture That

Today I've spent quite some time on Flickr. I've been honouring the present of a Pro account I received from Gabriela.

I've had a Flickr account since 2007. A camera since 2008. Let's say I like taking my time.

It was only last month -again with a wink from Gabriela- that I noticed there are a few photography groups on Facebook where people decide to go out and share tricks, pictures and a coffee in Buenos Aires. Probably the best use of Facebook so far. Despite some anecdotes unworthy of a post, all in all, a pleasant experience that has taken me to a next learning and engagement level. I had been simply taking pictures of nice things and now I am thinking where the light is coming from. It's a start.

As much as I've found many of my overseas tweeps inspiring with their pictures, I realise I needed to be next to other amateur photographers to play with, to pull myself out of my private albums and start being there.

Outdoors, I move confidently with my camera and do not mind making mistakes. Every now and then, I need to show one or two pictures to the person next to me and get some instant feedback. This makes a difference for my learning. Once the picture day is done, taking a look at the way others have worked with the same objects is so revealing, both about photographs and their authors. Full learning circle.

Back at home, I spend a long time pondering which picture to publish. Does everyone go through this? Will I get more fluent or more obsessed with details? I look at my older shots with critical eyes, but I've decided the learning journey has to be registered. Period. Moving on...

The pictures at the Recoleta Cemetery are probably my best so far. I must admit, though, the place is so inspiring even a beginner like me can obtain something good.

Everything I'm publishing now are raw pictures and some cropping. Just barely played with Picasa editor, but can't help feeling it's a huge time eater. Excuses? Perhaps.

Maybe I just want to learn by plunging into the informal practice pool. I'd like to wait until I sense my pictures point me to a need of technical advice, a few touches of editing or a little help from my friends.

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