Thursday, February 06, 2014

Will you read this longer tweet of mine?

One thing I've noticed lately is how my writing/talking style in Twitter or Facebook became the same. I used to feel there were differences, but whichever they were, they are gone. 

For the better or the worse, the variety between the two social platforms is certainly disappearing. There has been a slow twitterization of Facebook and an even slower facebookization of Twitter. 

I'm not sure I like this, but Twitter has started showing the context of your "conversations" by including your new tweet in a thread of what you are answering to. 

I find it quite noisy to see those complete stories coming up over and over whenever you add to it. But what makes me reflect now is how  that is affecting the way I speak/write. Tweets are even more succint and I assume people will go and read me in the context of a thread of exchanges. Why should I expect a reader in Twitter to go that extra mile for me?

I wonder how you find it or if you just flow with it. Yet, I like to tell the difference between writing less because my friends are wise enough to get it and writing less because the machine is making my own context redundant. So, why say more?

Thank you.

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