Monday, June 20, 2011

They day students see us vulnerable, learning

The question of being vulnerable and learning has been on my mind since watching Brené Brown's TED Talk. This time, it was a post by Bud Hunt that prompted me to write a comment, which, in turn, Bud used as prompt for teachers to write their reactions.
Edited links on July 17th.

Here's my question/comment:

Do your students know how you, the teacher, write? Can they catch you somewhere in the middle of your own learning process, doubting, wondering, as a vulnerable human far from the know-all/authority in the subject ideal?

I was wow-ed by reading the Google Doc with all its rich comments. Please go and read Bud's post on his own learning around this question.

Thank you, Bud for writing about this. And thank you Scott for listening. May one day our students catch us learning like this.

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