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How to get ELT Targeted Results
This site has two search engines:
One of them produces results from this ELT Notes site only. This can be useful to quickly access information from a previous post, or simply to know whether I have already published something about a topic of your interest.
The other is a custom made search engine which delivers targeted results for teachers of English. This application has collaborative features: it allows you to add, delete and suggest web sites and pages.
This is how it works:
To start a search, you may click on one of the tags included inside the search engine box called HOT SEARCHES. Just hover your mouse over the tags and you'll see they are all clickable. Or you may enter your key words in the search bar and start afresh.
A new window will open for your results page. Dragging the mouse pointer over the results, a menu with these options will appear:
^ Tag/promote this page
^ Promote this site
X Delete this page
X Delete this site
At the bottom of the results page, there is an option to manually include a site (perhaps your own) to be listed in future searches.

Changes will not appear automatically. As the creator of the TEACHING ENGLISH Search Engine, I will be the moderator of the user’s suggestions. Every proposed change will be assessed under the ELT Notes link policy.
Try it. The more we use it, the more relevant the results will be. I sincerely hope that one day search engines become time savers for teachers instead of time eaters!
For suggestions about this search engine, you may post a comment below, or simply drop a Post-it note here.



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