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ELT Teachers Using Wikis
(a mini directory)

As part of my summer learning in Jan and Feb, I joined an EVO Online workshop B4B (Blogging for Beginners). I joined quite late because I was busy designing my wiki for students. Among the participants, I found a few 'false begginers' in blogging who caught my attention for a number of coincidences:

  1. We have all set up our firsts blogs roughly around the same time (March 2006)
  2. We were thinking and designing our first wiki projects in January 2007
  3. We have chosen the same tools -Blogger and Wikispaces
  4. We all use del.icio.us- pab, monicabh, jenverschoor, fceblog (only Mary, kushikatsu , uses the network)

Interesting, I thought. Similar experiences, objectives and potential seamless integration of the tools we are using. Lots of collaboration/network possibilities here.

I left comments in their blogs (here and here) and emailed them separately. Only to find even more coincidences:
-Jennifer and Mônica also teach Cambridge FCE courses.
-Mônica is also studying at university and intends to use the wiki project as part of her research.

Can it get any better? We'll see.

I think you've met but...
Now it's time to get to know each other better. Here is a detail of our online work:

Mary Hillis
Blog: One Teacher's Journey
Wiki: ESL for Migrants

Paul, Pab
Pab's Potpourri (for teachers)
The Writing Studio (for students)
LTD Project Blog
(for teachers)
Wiki: The LTD Project
(I'm a member of this wiki)

Mônica Veado
Blog:Movie Reviews (for students)
Wiki:Movie Reviews

Jennifer Verschoor
My Integrating Technology Journey (for teachers)
Open Classroom (for students)
Wiki: Open Classroom

And mine
Blog: The FCE Blog (for students)
Wiki: Corpus

I will be watching how these projects evolve. I hope you also post about them. Lot's to learn from each other, don't you think?

Apart from my posts here, I will also post brief updates from my Corpus wiki (see About this project).
I'll call it PLOG, i.e. production blog.

My questions to teachers with wikified classrooms
-How are your projects getting on? What are the difficulties you are encountering? Have your students welcomed new ways of learning?

Stay in touch.
(If you write about this in your blog, please link to this post's permalink so I'll find you.)

While we wait for comments, here's a reading list:

Links to other EFL wiki projects

For teachers
Dude has a wiki about Web 2.0 tools and innovative lesson plans and ideas,
EFL and Web 2.0

EFL Geek has an ESL & EFL wiki with forums.

And Graham has more than one, I am a member of this one:
Pod-EFL all about Podcasting ideas.

And the Webheads love wikis too, of course!
Open Webpublishing
Barbara Diew's authors and participates in many wikis
Not so new and with an intriguing title, Writing Matrix, makes me wonder why sometimes collaborative wiki projects do not take off.

For students
Nancy, from Canada, has a well organised wikidot. She is concise and clear. Love her style.

Illya, who teaches CAE, has a wiki to organise vocabulary.
CAE Words

From Argentina, Rita Zeinstejer -the pioneer- worked with CAE in wikispaces last year. Her students took part in the IWE wiki. I saw a wiki of hers with students describing their city. Beautiful.
(Unfortunately I lost the link. Can you add it here Rita? Your work is a seed for mine)

More in my del.icio.us

If you are not in my del.icio.us already, would you like to let us know about your wikis?

Attribution: Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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I just wanted to share a bit of the buzz around this post.

I want to thank Jennifer and Paul for their letters with the update on their projects.

Kelly Christopherson left this comment on my Explode comment wall:

Claudia, great idea to present the 4 of you and the work you are doing. I'll keep checking in!


The post fetched a couple of comments, but anonymous. That is why they are not here. Anyway, thank you all.


I have a wiki that I am using with my social class. It is www.social907.pbwiki.com. I am also using a wiki for the book club that I've tried to start. It is www.readingpros.wikispaces.com. This wiki http://mrcs.wikispaces.com/ is for the admin group in my school division and this one http://mrchristie.wikispaces.com/ is to use with my staff. I have two others that are private. I have just started one with another class but we'll wait to see what happens with it. I'll be interested to see how your wiki projects turn out.


Thank you so much for reposting the link to http://www.social907.pbwiki.com. I had browsed over it to see if I could find the author and publish the anonymous comment anyway.
Now, I'm surprised by how much you have integrated wikis to your work. So far, I have opened wikis for the main areas of my studies (mainy for myself): translation, Spanish language and English Literature. All fledgeling projects that will have to wait for me a bit. I'm busy with Corpus right now.
Then I joined other collaborative projects as Classroom 2.0, for example. (http://www.classroom20.net/.

You are using them for administration, classwork and staff and private projects. I will be learning from them all!
Note: I wonder why the hyperlinks you made did not come out when I published your comment.

Thank you for your email with the update on your project and dissertation. Hope you publish about about it in your Impressões Digitais blog (http://maisimpressoesdigitais.blogspot.com/ so I can get updates on your thoughts. I might even dare comment in Portuguese!

13 May
Mary Hillis has written to me with a detailed update on her projects.

I quote a paragraph of her letter with her permission,

Just to follow up, at this time, my wiki is at a dead standstill! It wasn't created to support a class I was teaching. On the other hand, it was an attempt to compile some already completed work by various grad students who worked with migrant farm workers over the last 5 years or so. However, my attempts to contact them for their contributions were left unanswered. As for my own materials, they are in storage back in the States, so I'll have to wait until I get back there to retrieve them. My next wiki project will definitely be organized around a class, with students participating as part of the course requirements.

Mary has posted an update on her project in her blog. And I left a comment of course.
Follow up on B4B Session

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