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A reply to Rabiz Raisdana

Rabiz Raisdana has published the result of a collaborative project to create video. My story of how I got to know about this and why I participated is detailed in Addendus, my blog in Spanish.

Here is the comment I wrote to Rabiz in his blog (awaiting moderation):

Thank you for this, Rabiz.

Pleasantly surprised and speechless at first, I was able to articulate some words in my blog in Spanish about all this (linked to my name).

In a nutshell, I explain there how I've been following your posts lately and why I participated. I ventured to translate a paragraph from this post that, in my opinion, summarizes why I feel I sync with your idea of learning.

I often used to ask myself how could these things be translated into classroom practice. Certainly a valid question. However, I've decided to put off thinking about it. I've found that it often leads to closing a learning cycle too quickly with practical imperatives. I couldn't let such a question deviate me from experimenting anyway. Perhaps it is someone else who can help me see how that is to be done.

For all I know, I could very well be losing some of my time. But important changes do not come in isolation. They tend to be a part of a continuum. So I keep at it. Who knows when I will create a successful classroom practice with my playing today? What will it look like? Definitely it will be some mix of this with new and unknown contributions from students or network.

Probably I will not even be teaching them. We'll be learning together seems more like it.

Dry, by fceblog

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