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Messing with the MacGuffin

I have found this digital storytelling ds106 assignment interesting enough to stretch myself into learning some Picasa.

Wikipedia defines the MacGuffin as "a plot element that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction." For this assignment forever change the plot of a movie, tv show, etc. by changing a single line of dialogue. Put this new line of dialogue below a screen-cap of the moment in the movie you're changing. Credit to Tom Woodward for posting an example of this idea in the #ds106 Twitter stream.

The moment I saw a few examples I got the idea for my own. I would have loved to have the fluency to create this as fast as a tweet, but I needed to get my fingers muddy in an image editor. Today I found the moment to play so here is "some art dammit!". Or so I hope.

What if...

Call me romantic for thinking Francesca had pretty good reasons not to get off the car and let Robert go away instead. I like the movie the way it is. I love watching that long, almost silent scene again. As if Meryl could surprise me by twisting the plot and doing a MacGuffin of her own creation.

My MacGuffin version is a stretch of the original assignment, for the words in the caption are not a change of any of the bits spoken. Granted. But hey, who hasn't thought of or even protested those words while watching The Bridges of Maddison County?

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