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Studying Translation

When I started a second course of studies back in the year 2000, I said to myself I would take it easy. Yet, little has been easy. I never thought it would take me so long. Life obligations knocked on my door in three different moments and as much as I tried, divided attention is not the best road to academic achievements, so I had to choose.

I am confident I chose the right path. I have been present where my heart signalled I had to be. I thought there would be plenty of time ahead to pursue personal goals.


There have also been moments when I felt I had lost track of my studies. Moments I had a bit of guilt -maybe- that amid the loving act of giving so much time and mental space to a sick loved one (or two or three one after the other) I had abandoned directing my energy to go after a dream of mine: becoming an English-Spanish translator.

Lots of questions. Lots of what ifs.

I passed six subjects this year. I had not hit a mark like that since my young student days of the Teacher's Training College. Indeed there is something deeply rejuvenating about pushing the limits, the limiting voice inside that says it is no the same to study as you get older. A friend of mine says I look younger now than a few months ago.

I passed my last exam in December. Next year I will have to do an internship for four months and that's it.

I am relieved, exultant, happy. I have finished. Done.

I am already thinking of a future study project...But that's another post.



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