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CyberCompliment Day

Yesterday I got this mail from Jennifer Wagner with an invitation to post:

Just an idea from Jen

If last Friday, March 30th, was Stop Cyberbullying Day, then I would like to make THIS FRIDAY — April 6th –


Take the time to think of those who have helped you in the world of
bloggers and let them know by posting a comment to their blog.

Let’s take the time to know that we appreciate each other and lets show the world that blogging can be BENEFICIAL & POSITIVE too!

Please use the tag: CyberCompliment in your posts!
Grins — who will you compliment?


I decided I would sleep over it. And this morning I woke up with these thoughts...

The thing is that I try to use blog comments as a means to engage in conversation; not as a way of giving the writer a two-thumbs up on what he wrote. Unless you feel grateful for that particular post.

If blogs continue to be opened every second, the ratio between viewers and comments will only render a deeper and wider gap. Even getting viewers will be more difficult -let alone comments. And the time that reading and participating and tagging takes...Many people will think over your posts and you may not even get to know.

I remember this from the film Gone with the Wind:

"Do not squander time. That is the stuff life is made of."

(Just try replacing 'time' and 'life' for 'blog'; and the word 'that' for conversation. See?)

So let's say that taking the time to comment on someone's blog is a way of showing your love. But I'd much rather stick to the conversation, Jen. If I go to a blog today just to comment no matter what they posted yesterday... well, aren't we missing the whole point in blogging? For mere feeling of gratitude, I prefer a private email (via email or a Web2.O means such as MyBlogLog or Explode, not so private, but anyway).

Then, there is the question of who to thank. Oh my! I should say the credit goes to my RSS reader for bringing it all to me. After all, bloggers simply share, they did not write to teach me. Who knew me two years ago when they wrote that influential post on me now, today?

But let's try anyway...Thank you for...
  • for blogging, I mean, sharing
  • for letting me get into thoughts
  • for reading my comments -here or there
  • for writing comments or posts inspired on those comments
  • for the time you take to read and share
  • for your efforts to network and keep in touch
  • for supporting those who are puzzled by less than pleasant online experiences (and to those who dare talk about those online experiences)
  • for the unifying feeling that even outside and beyond the walls of a walled area of study or a network of teachers of varied subjects, there is this conversation about education going on in diverse and unique blogs.
Reading the above, I think you know exactly who I am addressing this to. Thank you for being there.

A special thank you to Jennifer for triggering off these thoughts.

Picture credit: I received the picture and permission to use it in my email and I read over Jennifer's blog she purchased it. Thank you again.

Let's take a look at the blogosphere and see what develops on this.

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I loved your response --

triggered some thoughts for me too...............

but all in all, its been a very nice day of appreciation for "sharing".

Enjoy your day
Jennifer Wagner


You're right. But thought I'd say "Great Blog" anyway.


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