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Twitter Stream (and consciousness)

Twitter Stream (and consciousness)

The subject of this post is trivia. I just wanted to jot it down to remember. You never know where alleged trivia can lead to.

My thoughts on your thoughts.
Sometimes you need to take your time to write a comment.
Sometimes what you would say is a bit off-topic, so you need time to collect your new thoughts in a blog post (linktribution to the inspirer).
Sometimes you simply get stuck at an emotional response that you do not add to the original comment thread. Simply because that is not in keeping with your commenting style.

You tweet.

Will Richardson willrich45 This kid is dangerous...http://tinyurl.com/2xflq5

David Warlick dwarlick Just read Will's post (http://tinyurl.com/2xflq5). I'm not sure we are even capable of answering his rhetorical questions!

Christopher Sessums csessums @willrich45 dangerous for whom? For teachers?

Cathy Nelson cathyjo Just read will's most recent post --all i can say is wow http://tinyurl.com/2xflq5 We better keep up with our kids or they will pass us by

So what?
So now the information landscape is richer and more complex.
I know, that's yesterday news.

It means that:
-Blog posts are read as soon as they are published by network members.
-I needn't wait for a response (less Statcounter anxiety)
[How many people would not like blogging because you never know who reads, when and why? How many would think that no comments equals not interested, no impact.]

This is a totally -so far- hidden blog reaction. Technorati link count or del.icio.us bookmarklet widgets cannot provide.

Therefore, my thoughts on your thoughts:
Where did all these voices go to before?

Powered by Scribefire paper.
It seems I get inspired to write after lots of clicking and opening tabs, which gives my Firefox indigestion and I need to re-start it.
In the meantime, I jotted this down on a small -but cute- notebook. I transcribed it unchanged.

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I don't know what you think after reading this. I think I would like a 'Twitter reaction' widget in my blog.

Not sure about the feasibility of such widget, though. Perhaps with some syntax similar to the @user.

I wonder whether people would choose to 'direct tweet' their reactions. Twitter has the secrecy or whispered effect of a backchannel as opposed to blog posts, i.e intentionally published thoughts.

Whenever I tweet, I am well aware that post of mine has a unique URL, therefore, it is public and quotable (with or without context.

Would somebody mind their tweets being quoted? How is the padlock reinterpreted here? Can I quote you if you use a padlock?
These new permeable boundaries are both, puzzling and fascinating to me.

Dear Claudia, you have found the exact idea to describe Twitter... it is like stream of consciousness literature... the reader has to make out the message, the idea...I still find it difficult to get accustomed to twittering...nevertheless, it calls my attention.

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