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Why Twitter4Skype?

1) Another venue to access or contact your PLN is always welcome. 
2) I do not have a favourite Twitter app. I like tweeting from the application I am using at a given moment. 
3) I keep changing browsers when FF has one of those days, so I miss the add-on on the other browsers.
5) Most importantly, Skype is outside the browser. When you live in a country with slow or flaky Internet connections, Skype opens at the start-up and generally works.
6) You name it.

How to 
All details here.

My notes
(source: 5-minute experience)

Quite fast to post and receive. Updates frequently.

Updates from friends do not include the real posting time.

Your own updates appear in Twitter as if they have been done from the web.

There is no character count inside Skype. To get an at-a-glance-count just think that a couple of lines will surely be posted.
This is what happened to me:
I copy&pasted my original tweet as it looked inside my Skype. There were 43 characters left. See below how it came out in the Twitter web page. 

One feature you miss inside Skype, you do not get the @you messages from people you are not following. For that, there is still Summize. For direct messages, you must rely on your mail inbox. 

Anyway, it is worth the time.

Have you tried it? Am I missing something?

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Updates more quickly than twitter fox.

mmm...not always

Hey, Claudia,

I think you covered it all. I've been using Twitter4Skype for a while now,and it really fits my needs. That's why I guess I'm lazy or just don't think it's worth it spending my time looking into other twitter apps, though I know there are some pretty cool ones. Twitter4Skype is certainly worth giving a try, and you are right, summize seems to be a perfect match to it.


This is quite interesting. I've never heard of twitterforskype.
Technology is happening at such a rapid pace.

Thanks for sharing this.


"Empower your students and your teaching"

Notes after using the service for a while:
Unless you are on an invisible status, twitter4skype will fire up the chat window with an orange colour flashing constantly.
This can be a little annoying. So, in order to choose when I want to use the service I tried blocking the user (un-tick the permanent delete from your contacts!). No more interruptions.

I find twitter4skype quite useful to keep posting and reading updates when the browser crushes all of a sudden.

That's all for now.

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