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The Sounds of Silence

What is an hiatus exactly?
A gap, a stop, a missing piece.
Note that each an every word you associate with it is always pregnant with negative connotations.

I suffer from being passionately interested in too many things, but surrounded by an indifferent offline standard-test-complying environment.

A chasm of sorts.

Result? A swarm of questions:
Why do I still blog?
Who do I write to?
What for?

Answers are not always obvious. Learning can be a long and winding road. I am re-thinking what I have long taken for granted.

Puzzles me.

The way out: my own blog. A tracing of my learning journey. When I need a hand out of the pit, there's my RSS.

Echoes of my own voice begin to creep up while reading others. I sense a post brewing in my mind. But to write, I need my own filter. When writing, I am just trying to connect with my own pleasure of writing. It's the only way I can find now to by-pass all of the puzzling questions and keep pumping words into my blog.

School was the big thing for a long time. School is tests and credits and notetaking and meeting standards. Learning, on the other hand, is 'getting it'. It's the conceptual breakthrough that permits the student to understand it then move on to something else. Learning doesn't care about workbooks or long checklists.

Learning doesn't care about the blog. It's not the blog, it's 'getting it'.

There are times when you learn lots in silence. Away from the passionate voice of your blog. Much more in contact with those teachers who are reluctant to innovate. I listen to their voices and their reasons. How to bridge the gap between us?

Passion and passion-based learning is all very well, but short lived by nature. It consumes itself. Better to respect that.

Buying the illusion of perpetual blogging thrill opens the way to standardize passion. A prescription to kill the magic. Tell me, when would you say it is advisable not to blog or publish?

Something's missing guys. Something like embracing the gap.

I also want to read posts which are not so passionate. Saying it with passion doesn't make it true. Sometimes it is just as speaking louder and expecting to be right. I want to read posts written under less intense, calmer emotions. Posts that distill learning after the hype.

This is the chasm I must cross in my learning curve:
Passion, short lived.
Learning -we so claim- is lifelong.

I think we are missing the hiatus in learning.

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Hi Claudia. Welcome back to blogging. As I told you, I was missing your posts and discussions with worldwide peers


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