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2011 365 Photo Project

So here it comes to an end, or a new beginning. It's time to reflect what this photo project means and what it does, to me at least.

Here are the collected photos of the 365 photo project. I had reflected before about the Dailyshoot project in another post. That was more about technique discoveries. Now I have other questions on my mind:

What does this project say about learning? About photos in my day to day routine?

I think that the learning can go on daily as long as you make very, very personal. Technique goes to the background sometimes. It probably must do so, or perfection mania could take you to a photo paralysis.

As much as I like being kind of private online, at least compared to many of my friends, there comes a point where you simply show yourself (not literally, I'm not talking about self-portraits). I mean, if you have a keen eye and imagination, I guess you can see myself or even be here with me. Learning, the kind of authentic learning we passionately seek in edublogs cannot help but reveal the learner, it's the the process that remains elusive.

What do my photos say about me? Let's see.

I love food. I wish I were better at cooking. Registering the process or moments of success like this one keep me encouraged.


I simply cannot get enough of these tomato photos. My father takes care of these from his chair. They mean a lot to my mind, my heart and my mouth. Best tomato salads evah. Food for the soul.

Lots of Tomatoes

I like football. Particularly at the Bombonera Stadium, the day Boca Juniors, my team, wins the championship :-) Anyway, there is always time to pause the cheering and look around to capture the faces of the most passionate fans.

Los hinchas

Now, what new habits have I learnt? What has this year in photos done to me?

I have learnt to see beauty possibilities in the things I would normally simply throw away, unnoticed.

Gather Ye Rosebuds

For the love of shooting, I have gone back to playing childhood games.


I've become more bold and now regularly approach strangers for permission to take photos of their pets. Particularly when their eyes are begging for making new friends. Wouldn't you?

I'd like someone to play with me...

I've learnt to interrupt myself from my lesson preparation and endless correction pile to mark the magic sunset hour and rush to the terrace on the 27th floor to see what the light does to my corner of the world. I cannot believe I used to miss this.

My Corner of Town

There is something I have learnt that does not come out in any photo. It's the perspective you gain when you switch your eyes to photo mode. It's a decision to watch things differently, under their real light, a pleasant obsession with details, a new perspective, something that had never before been seen quite like that. For a few minutes, nothing else is.

I heard someone say the other day that when you are on holidays, you cannot be taking pictures all the time because you miss seeing and enjoying being there by putting a lens between the scene and you. I think I get their point of being more concerned about having a record to show your friends, to prove that you actually were in, say, Paris, because you appear in a photo with the Tour Eiffel in the background. An artificial and over constructed photo. And yet, little do they know how much they miss out.

I think I haven't shot any of the examples here for an audience. Not even to exemplify a photo technique. I did not detour from my daily obligations or wait for the weekend to have time to do them. I have done this for myself and for being there in the flow of things as they happen, making a half-concious decision to capture the vision. I think I would have regretted not taking them, although I am not sure why.

So far, so good. I'll keep shooting. Expect more tomatoes, sunsets, dogs and food in my next excursion of 365 photos. I will probably not vary the photo subjects. You see, they are so worth it. They are intertwined with who I am as well as who I want to be. They are part of my overall learning, not just acquiring a few skills. This photos amount to something bigger than I can understand today. There'll be a day for pattern finding. Today I just want to pause before I go on.

There is a lot in the way I've learnt photography that I wish I had a clue about how to teach it to my students. All I can do is write it out and share. It feels so not enough although I know this is important.

Happy New Learning Year, friends. May you be surrounded by beauty and a camera to show me the way you see the world.

Look forward to your thoughts.

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Wow! I wish I could take photos like those. Nice way to end out the year.

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