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Reality Check

We often hear the adagio. In an age when the forms of communication have multiplied we tend to communicate less and feel more alone.

Mmm. Reality check needed.

We live in an age when you may be asked to work with someone based in a far off country. The company you work for says he is a member of your team. You are supposed to have the literacy for that.

We live in an age when people share their thoughts just for the love of blog and patiently build connections that light up their brains, create meaningful dialogues and, perhaps, valuable friendships.

We live in an age when a person could be forever grateful to a family who in the middle of the deepest pain decided to donate an organ.

If science and technology have allowed us to...

-make a living working remotely,
-have an online home where people from every corner of the world can come for thoughts or conversation,
-continue living although the heart beating in your chest has not been with you since you were born,


We should be ready to accept that some of the people who will mean so much in our lives are always going to be far from reach.

We might never share a cup of coffee at the same table.


The saddest part, though, is not to accept this reality and limit our most meaningful experiences only to those who we can meet and share in f2f communication.

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