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The Bloggers' Cafe

Joining The Bloggers' Cafe

11 July - My RSS- I read this post from Alja Sulčič.

The Bloggers' Cafe is born to create more opportunities to join the edublogosphere conversation. The aftermath of the NECC conference -or rather the EdubloggerCon unconference- which showed the power and thrill face to face conversations with the long-read blogger can bring.

This is not just a blog, you may connect in diverse ways. Alja summarises,

Edubloggers now have a new place to get together in Second Life at the brand new Bloggers Cafe. [...] You can visit the Bloggers Cafe on Eduisland II, on land that was kindly offered by Ryan Bretag (aka Existential Pain). Also, don't forget to join both the SL and the RL group (set up by Jennifer Wagner) and have your blog added to the virtual blogroll at the Cafe.

So I joined at the blog and I added the tag TheBloggersCafe to my ELT Notes in del.icio.us. It was tagged back immediately.

12 July - Jennifer in my mail:
I was wondering if perhaps you would like to be a guest blogger on the "Bloggers' Cafe" blog occasionally...
I suddenly remember all my exam dates this month and the following. I'd rather be sure I'll have the time before saying yes...

Jennifer reassures me:
I understand that life is busy --
please consider yourself ALWAYS invited to post.
This is the attitude of the Edublogosphere. Open. Welcoming.

13 July -Today, I received an invitation to join the wiki that will archive conversations and show contact details of Cafe members. I added mine.

Four hours ago - I already have my user name and password to post. I am already announced at the contributors's page in the blog.

Call that fast. Jennifer is a doer.

I am writing this detailed post because many of my colleagues -those outside the blogosphere who just associate Internet to email- tend to ask me,

How did you do that?

I will certainly hear the question next time I make a presentation.

And my answer should be short and simple.

Be there. Let it all happen.

(I think I'll link this post to the presentation handout as well).

Comments will be closed here. I am reposting this entry at the Bloggers' Cafe blog for your thoughts.

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