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Edubloggers Meta-conversation

Today I have been visiting new blogs and reflecting on the many stages of conversations coexisting in the edublogosphere. We are all teachers and using ICT. It seems to bind us all, but that is a quick surface structure conclusion. Sense is made with deep structure parameters: "tools and pedagogy". I need to see which side of the pendulum they are at. Reading in depth, reading the discourse styles, I begin to draw quick conclusions about where they stand in education.

There are people who are still discussing things that, to be honest, I feel they are so last century. I find it very difficult to engage or say something to those posts. Shall I say: read this tag in my delicious? Provide links to the many posts that have already pushed me ahead? Certainly not the way. I give up reading them.

However, it just dawned on me the value of those conversations. The possibility to see how we have been talking while pioneers were overhearing us. Finding the same crossroads of filter/digestion/production through someone else's viewpoint. Whatever it was that took us in one direction and not another may be more evident reading them than your own PLE blogs. It is not just that some people "get it" and some don't. It's the process of getting somewhere. I just realised the value of seeing the trail of thought being born again and again. Another chance to assess the quality of the decision making process.

Disagreement pushes my thinking back and forth again. I struggle to write just what I mean. Trying to verbalize passionate ideas puts their core values to the test. Decisions to be made beyond the borders of my comfort zone.

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