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Blogworthy Tweets

These tweets of mine need not be noteworthy, except that I want to make a note of them. To make sure they do not vanish in cyberspace. They deserve a spot in this personal learning scenario.

Many an important idea, a moment when my thoughts take a new turn take place in Twitter. I should probably be blogging them out and state exactly what I meant. Probably. Perhaps their value lies in keeping its shorter original form.

These are not all of my tweets. Just the ones that were not, but could well be extended tweets one day in this blog.

Seeing the selection from the last two months makes the pattern of my twitter interests only more evident. Funny when I think those topics are not my most frequent blog tags. The people I reply to do not always get a link in my posts. Yet all this backstage underpins my blogging.

September 2009

About lurkers and their presence traces.

The "I like" in FB may not add to the conversation, but it does to presence. Maybe the one + thing compared to Twitter.

  1. @cogdog Blopgposts need a sort of comment aggregator. But still, people comment in private FB or in Twitter without an @ . How to RSS that?
  2. RT @budtheteacher: We can never know the totality of our influence in the world, or what conversations happen in response to our work.

About Twitter (why not).

Lurkville-There are so many untweeted thoughts, so many unwritten comments. Every time I shut up, who learns? How much have I missed?
  1. I joined twitter 962 days ago - http://whendidyoujointwitte... ? Uso Twitter hace 962 días. Ergo existo. O algo así.
  2. Considering my Twitter network http://tinyurl.com/ybqm6q4 . Linktribution @mweller

Thoughts on audience affecting the way I write. The backchannel before the post Edubloggers Meta-conversation
  1. @PhoenixDennis #2 Lately, I am struggling with this when I write. I understand I need to speak for a known and unknown audience.All at once.
  2. @PhoenixDennis #1 Granted. Audience affects choice of syntax in writing style. But the target reader of a blog may/will change.

Thoughts on story-telling from tweets or comments:

  1. I must say that when I chat with @gsellart my reflection levels soar. That's a sure sign I am close to one of the key nodes in my network.
  2. @aletorto e.g. This beautiful post in Spanish explaining the birth of a novel from chat and blog archives http://tinyurl.com/l8mym5
  3. Tweeple: Would you say there is a distinctive blog post language style different from the way you speak in a comment? Wondering.
  4. @aletorto I wouldn't publish a private chat. But you're right. They make up a kind of story line. If your eyes are inclined to see it, sure.
  5. @aletorto Write that story? Maybe another one -Wink @gsellart.
  6. Note: The previous tweet is a line I almost add to a private chat with Gabriela, but then I realised it was worth sharing.
  7. @gsellart It's possible to make a story out of a few twitter exchanges. You just need a story-teller. Fiction everywhere.
  8. "an always updated 'world wide corpus' is changing the very nature of the language we teach" @carlaraguseo @petesharma Yes, yes, yes.

A thought on web presence. The silence of lurkers.

@dkuropatwa So true. They may feel at a loss for words to comment. Maybe an "I like this" in FB when you tweet posts.

Writers' block
  1. @nancito Buen punto para tener en cuenta en la evaluación de herramientas/procesos. +potencial -practicidad = riesgo de dolor de cabeza!
  2. What is it about the preview of a post that allows you to see the necessary edits? Magnifying glass effect.
  3. Taking a Twitter break. Post writing got stuck in the final para. Those things.

Where are the tweet-worthy comment threads?
  1. @kalinagoenglish Checking out the tag now. So #ocp lists posts with great comments. Interesting.
  2. @jenwagner Right. I'd like links to "good conversations" as well as "good post". Let's give the term 'good' some suspension of disbelief.
  3. @willrich45 The scarcity of admins to speak about the teaching of writing is thought provoking in itself.

  1. Tweeple, just wondering. I notice lots of "New Post" announcements here, but few "I'm commenting here". Why is that?

  2. Draft Posts- What to do?
    @datruss Get that post drafted somehow. Posts have such a short-term head life.
  3. @glassbeed I've been through the long hiatus. Lost some stats I had. Learning value intact. Just my experience. (I'll read your post later).
  4. Tweet sifting. Starring a few to come back to. Feeling more like going asynchronous in my reading than reading live or on a cloud.

  1. @gsellart I remember the Tumblr we used for playing and quick posting. Not what I have in mind now.
  2. Organising draft posts. Sort of.
  3. @gsiemens "wiki technology" Has the speaker clarified terms for his talk? Or is that assumed as the sun rising in the East? Odd synecdoche.
  4. Anyone else keeping draft posts? Problem: my mind has shifted view point angle.Solution: a) publish untouched + edit note. b) re-write. c)?

Ah the faces of students discovering how much google can tell about them. Awareness shortcut.

August 2009

These were the exchanges before I wrote Content 1st, People 2nd
  1. @budtheteacher You're right. I'll try to express it in a post.
  2. @jenwagner How can we trust speakers or conferences which do not intend to reach out or be reached?
  3. @budtheteacher I get the illusion I have potential contacts nearby in BA. You've got to see their content in blogs before you connect.
  4. @budtheteacher I think I sense a lot of people 'having to' speak about tech now among ELT teachers. The opposite of 2006 when I started.
  5. It is not forced. Learning just happens. Forget about saving and classifying. When you need, it'll be there.
  6. 'One new super tool to revolutionize blogging'. 'This is a must-follow person' Says who? Nah, content 1st, resonate with me, then we'll see.
  7. There's a point when you must stop looking for like-minded nodes in the web. If they've been blogging, content would've joined us already.
  8. Just 1 speaker in a BA event who will talk on 21st century skills. 1st thought: Wow. 2nd reaction: check if they tweet. They don't. Sighs.

Thoughts on blogging trends and learning in counterintuitive ways.
  1. Automatic reposting of delicious links into a blog. Frankly, I simply can't help ignoring those in my RSS. Thoughts?
  2. From my inbox:Link exchange request. Says she reads and likes my blog. Wants a link to her on my sidebar. (There's no sidebar in my blog).

  1. @elaws Personalmente no me gusta la idea de la división en capítulos. Si el tema es serio=1post. Blognovela=3, 4 o los que quieras.
  2. @elaws Digamos que algunos subtítulos en negrita en un post largo pueden ayudar a tentar una lectura parcial. Después decido si es completa.
  3. The things I will not learn now
    Surprised at the sad news. RIP @glutzky Learned a lot from our different points of view. Shared others to the corehttp://tinyurl.com/24sm86

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It was a post much like this that I read on your blog more than two years ago that sent me to the sign-up page on twitter.

I think, for that reason, these of your words struck me most:
We can never know the totality of our influence in the world, or what conversations happen in response to our work.
I am approaching 6,000 tweets that would not have existed had you not nudged and influenced my own thinking... and how much influence have I had as a result?

I have been amazed again and again at just how much can be said in 140 characters and yet sometimes more needs to be said... Some of the tweets you shared have a story to be told. I think you should heed the very advice you gave me and blog about them:
Get that post drafted somehow. Posts have such a short-term head life.
Some of these tweets can stand alone, wisdom shared of which you will never really know the totality of their influence, perhaps not even to yourself, much less others!

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